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The Kid Who Cried Bug

Rak’s full of shit. Like that time he said he found a Grox in the next valley and taught it to do tricks. And like when he said he’d been contacted by the Angels and told he’d already got a place as an aspirant, despite only being 6 and having one leg.

He’s a waste of space; and yet, here we all are looking for him. It’s only been a few days, but nooo, we all have to drop everything and find him. Goddamn tribal Blood loyalty. Just because he’s a relative doesn’t mean he’s not a dick.

The story this time was even more ridiculous. He found a dead bug the size of a dog, with wings. Yeah right. Anyway, he went to get it to prove it to us, and nobody’s seen him since. He’s hiding until we all forget, I reckon.

It’s been a century since the bugs tried to eat this moon, until something stopped them. My ancestors who eventually crept out of the deep caves never really knew what happened, but they were all gone. So, nice try Rak, but there’s no bugs on Baal Prime, wings or not. Something even nastier ate them, then just… left.

I haven’t got time for this. We’ve got food to hunt, preserves to make, stuff to organise before we move on again. Life as a nomad sucks. I hate packing even more than I hate Rak.

What’s that? A shout? Sounds like Dorg’s found him. I’ll kick his scrawny little arse for this.

Wait. What the Blood is that? The ground… it’s… Holy Throne, there’s something down there. Oh shit! Shit shit! RUN!

Oh Blood, no, get them off me, aaagh!! Angels, help us! AAAA! My leg, oh Blood, oh Throne, Rak you absolute DICK why didn’t you tell us they were really REAL this time‽ Aaarrrghhmmmfmff…

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