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Announcing: The Carbon Diet

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Well, it's been quiet here recently, but that's because I've been working on a new project, which is slowly getting closer and closer to being ready. It's only open to testers at the moment, but there is now a tour which can be seen by anyone, so I thought I'd link it.

I present to you: The Carbon Diet!

The what now? Well, it's basically a carbon calculator on steroids. We've all seen the dodgy carbon calculators on various websites, but they're not really any good to tell you what you're really contributing. You can get a rough idea, but they're not great. The Carbon Diet is different. By entering easily-obtained data like actual electricity and gas readings, as well as fuel purchases, the site can calculate exactly what your contribution to climate change is, both for right now, and over time. It should allow people to really see how much CO2 they are producing, it should allow them to work out how best to reduce that amount, and it should prove to them that what they have done has worked.

If that sounds interesting, head on over and take the tour! If you want to help with the testing phase, then sign up and I'll get you sorted out :)


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