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Over the summer, I was asked to write an article for the IBM DeveloperWorks site about energy monitoring and so on. Eventually, that turned into a series of articles centered around AMEE and how you can track energy consumption and calculate carbon emissions with it.

So, now that they're all published, here's a bit of a linkdump to the various articles and other things that came out of them.

Introduction to AMEE
This is a technical introduction to the AMEE platform, how it works, and what you can do with it. It covers things like signing up, creating profiles, storing data, and getting results. It was also adapted into a screencast for the AMEE developer site.
Calculate your computer's carbon footprint using AMEE
This one is an introduction to the wide variety of ways in which you can track energy data using AMEE, using the monitoring of computer energy use as a case study. It also shows some code examples for the AMEE ruby gem.
Monitor home energy with AMEE
This is my favourite of the three - a long tutorial, with lots of code, which shows a complete implementation of an online energy-monitoring system, using a CurrentCost display, AMEE, and a little Rails code. This uses a lot of the open source software I've been writing over the last year, which regular readers will have seen in previous posts, but it's really nice to tie it all together and tell the world how it works!
James Smith on embedding environmental intelligence
Scott Laningham was nice enough to interview me for the DeveloperWorks podcast when the first article went out, so if you want to hear me blathering on about it in person, you can do so!


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