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Introducing Therm

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Note: this is now a dead project, I've moved back into normal employment. This is just left for posterity.

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It’s been an interesting year. Until April I worked at AMEE as their Platform Evangelist. I’d been there almost four years, through lots of interesting times. I got to do cool things like build AskAMEE, hack carbon emissions into Minecraft (and get on BoingBoing with it), and run the London Green Hackathon. It was sad when my time there came to an end, but in startup life there is always a point at which it makes sense to move on.

Since then, I’ve been trying to find ways to carry making software that at least tries to deal with the impending climate crisis that’s heading our way. As I discussed at the beginning of the year, we don’t have long. I’ve been carrying on building the Cleanweb UK community that we tried to bootstrap at AMEE on a voluntary basis. London seems to have the most interesting cleanweb community in the world - we’ve certainly been doing it longer than anyone else, so we have to capitalise on that and work together!

However, the time has come for me to try and make a living out of this stuff again, and I’m having a go at doing it by myself.

So, meet Therm. It’s the first specialist cleanweb consultancy in the world (as far as I know). If you’re doing anything on the web to do with sustainability, Therm can help - get in touch!

It’s just me for now, but maybe later it won’t be. It’ll be an adventure, whatever happens.


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