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A letter to Jeremy Quin MP

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This is a letter I’ve just sent to my MP, Jeremy Quin, regarding the September 2019 prorogation of Parliament. I sent one a couple of weeks ago, to which he responded with the standard government line having a go at the opposition for voting down an election. I’ll upload that soon.

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for responding to my previous message. I am very disappointed that you don’t share my concern for the UK constitution and the rule of law. The 11 supreme court justices fortunately do, and have found your Prime Minister to have acted unlawfully in shutting down our Parliament two weeks ago, and of having lied to the Queen in order to do so.

If you are going to reply to me with the standard government line, as you usually do, then please don’t bother, because I’ve heard it.

Instead I want to appeal to you, personally. Not as a Conservative, not as a member of the government, not even as an MP, but as a person.

The organisation you are working for and allying yourself to is led by liars; it is shredding the UK’s institutions for personal and party gain. You call yourself a Conservative. What exactly is it that your party is conserving right now? Even leaving Brexit aside, your party is sowing division and on the verge of destroying the consensus by which this country hangs together.

I hope I can appeal to you as a man of principle, to stand up and defend our country. Toeing this party line will not benefit you in the long term; I hope you can see that.

Yours hopefully, James Smith


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