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Yours Disgustedly

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I wrote to my MP again…

Dear Jeremy Quin,

I’ve been disgusted in the actions of the Government in which you serve for years now, and yet your party keeps finding more scrapings at the bottom of the barrel, and keep finding new depths of ineptitude and mendacity.

How can you be OK with all this? Boris’s disdain for the law and consitution was bad enough, but then to elect undoubtedly the most incompetent leader we’ve ever had, and finally finish off the UK’s standing in the world? What are your party thinking? What are YOU thinking? How can you stand with these people, how can you take their instructions and toe the party line when that party line is set by obviously completely inept people who seem to have wandered into Westminster by accident and are mainly just confused about where they are.

You have a job to do. You are failing. Your constituents deserve better, and your country deserves better.

I was going to ask politely, but the time has passed for that. There are three things you need to do to salvage some semblance of integrity:

  1. Publicly support calls for a General Election - you may not want it, but the country demand it. I’m sure your seat will be safe anyway.
  2. Do not let Boris Johnson anywhere near the leadership of the Conservative Party.
  3. Resign the whip and sit as an independent. You should be ashamed of your party and if you have any integrity, I’m honestly not sure how you could remain part of it.

I have stepped back from active politics in the last few years, because truth and reason have been completely undermined and honestly I don’t know how to operate anything I believe in in that environment. But I’m reconsidering; if there’s a General Election, I’m sorely tempted to stand again just so I can be on stage with you at a husting and say all this to your face in front of hundreds of people, and demand an answer for them.

Yours in severe disappointment and anger,

James Smith

If you’re as angry as I am, maybe do the same.


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